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THE PYRAMID                              39
the son of Jacob, had stored the corn destined to feed the people during lean years of famine. Had these historians ventured inside the Pyramids they might have discovered that the empty space available for storing could not have held more corn than might feed the people of an average street,
Fifty years ago Proctor, the astronomer, presented an interesting case on behalf of his theory that the Pyramids were built for purposes of astronomical observations, to provide suitable places for watching and noting the positions and movements of stars and planets. But such costly observatories had never before and never again will be erected!
Ingenious and delightful, too, are those arguments which perceive in the stone sarcophagus of the King's Chamber nothing less than a baptismal font, which was filled with water when in use. Another group, however, declare that this sarcophagus was filled with corn, and not water, because it was intended to serve as a standard of capacity measurement for all the nations of the world.
It is equally inconceivable that vast treasures of gold and jewels were secreted in its recesses, because the colossal expense of constructing it would have cost the very fortune it was intended to protect 1
Other theorists were confident that the Pyramids had originally been gigantic lighthouses, erected for the benefit of ships navigating the Nile I While Monsieur de Persigny's advocacy of the notion that they were massive ramparts, put up to defend houses, tombs and temples against invading desert sands, can only make the modern Egyptians smile.
But there are sedulous propagandists of other theories which wear a plausible face and which, indeed, have found a fairly wide acceptance in certain circles of England and America. These are interesting, even fascinating, and cleverly worked-ouc yet how far are they true?
Their propagandists read a peculiar significance into the internal measurements of the Great Pyramid; they see in its chambers, corridors and gallery a symbolical handwriting and a prophetic declaration pertaining to our own times, while they claim to have found the correct keys to the decipherment of its message. They find in the length and height ana width of these